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News, We have only recently started a news/blogs page, we will be putting more info about what works we do around the farm shortly

Re-Seeding (12-07-2014)

Today we seeded an area 10 acres. This is roughly 45 thousands square meters.

Cutting turf around the clock

We are cutting turf all the time.

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Sunday April 13th

The cost of fertilizer has gone through the roof but it is worth it when you see how green our turf is

March 29th, Fertilizing Field

This morning I fertilized our turf.

March 10th, Wetlands

We recently turned seven acres of our land into wetland. This will improve animals habitats.

March is here

This picture of our field was taken at 8am on Saturday 1st of March. Our grass is now growing again and our phone is ringing, As customers start back gardening!

We tackle bee shortages

see how we are trying to tackle the world bee shortage