PLAYTIME BARK (tested BSEN:1177 1998)

Play area Bark has increased in popularity massively in recent years, the reason for this is very simple, it not only works very well but is also a cheap alternative to some of the other soft surface products such as play mats which can cost up to �100 per square meter!We supply play area Bark to commercial customers, schools,play groups,local authorities and the general public. Play Bark is fully certified and is delivered in Jumbo bags and our most popular way tipped loose, buying Bark loose enables you to buy Bark at the same price as our trade customers such as schools, sports clubs and landscape contractors, our jumbo bags cover an area approximately 12 to 15 m2 approx depth of 1 inch. Play Bark is a safe, natural and sustainable product. How deep do I need the Bark area to be? this is a common question we get asked, play Bark needs to be a minimum depth of 3 inches to act as an impact absorbent.


Our Classic Decorative garden Bark is great for a weed suppressant whilst at the same time offering a nice ornamental apperance. Our garden bark is a popular choice with landscape contractors for high usage areas such as around retail parks and commercial premises as well as the general public for use in borders, as with our Play Bark this product is available in bulk loose tipped loads or in our no mess jumbo bags.


A good quality membrane is essential for using under your Bark, we supply a really good quality thick membrane that will last years, you can pick up really cheap membrane from some of the discount retailers but we would not advise this as the quality tends to be really poor, we used to sell an economy membrane but we no longer offer this as it deteriorates to fast.

Our Bark products are available in the following options

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