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We are extremely proud of our topsoil, whilst we are aware that you can buy cheaper soil than ours we believe that when you compare price to quality we are very competative.

The problem with recycled soil is that on any given day it can be sourced from anywhere imaginable it carries no traceability and when tested can often show up petroleum,solvent and lead contamination often people can be quite uneducated to this and dismiss it as just soil for the garden but we are all aware of the dangers of inhaling fumes from the old fashioned lead based paints for example, it is for this reason that most schools will now stipulate that a contamination report must be supplied upon delivery of soil, what is also interesting is that land earmarked for development must undergo strict testing for contamination and can be refused building permission if deemed contaminated but the same soil can be removed and sold to the general public to use in there own gardens,so in effect you could be sunbathing or even worse growing fruit & veg in a garden where the soil has come from the same demolition site or skip that has contained nasties such as bricks covered in lead based paint, old engines leaking oil or even asbestos The topsoil we sell on the other hand is all sourced from a small pocket of land approx 12 - 15 square miles on the west Lancashire plains, it is an area of farm land renowned for its rich black loamy soil often referred to locally as the black gold! with a ph level of (6-7) very fertile and great for growing, it is for this reason that this area is used by many supermarkets for sourcing there vegetables. In reality this soil is so clean that there is no need to screen it however we are passionate about our product so we do not take chances and screen all of our soil with some of the best equipment on the market to make absolutely sure. There really is an absolute tiny percentage of land in the country that reaches this quality standard, areas such as the vale of York and down on the Fens at Norfolk to name a few.

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  • Turf & Topsoil suppliers since 1979
  • Turf growers and not middle men
  • Farm based family run business
  • crane truck deliveries, no pallet trucks!!
  • Suppliers to builders, schools and local authorities